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Doosan Vina and Chung Ang University Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their Joint Medical CSR program in Vietnam

Reported by Dao Thi My Hanh

On 15 October 2018 in honor of Doosan and CAU’s 10th Anniversary Medical CSR in Vietnam the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Quang Ngai People's Committee presented Doosan and CAU with four certificates of merit. The event was to honor and recognize the significant contributions Doosan and CAU have made to healthcare in Vietnam.  Mr. Park Hong Ook, CEO of Doosan Vina and Dr. Kim Seong Deok, Director of Chung Ang University Hospital of Seoul received the certificates at a ceremony in Quang Ngai City.

Attending the event were a delegation from Chung Ang University Hospital that included 18 doctors who will spend a week carrying out this 10 anniversary medical CSR in Vietnam.

This year’s CAU medical team is being led by Dr. Kim Seong Deok, President of Chung Ang University Hospital, the CAU doctors and Doosan volunteers will provide medical exams and medicines to approximately 2,350 people which will bring the ten year total to 23,850 in Quang Ngai Province.

In addition to the medical service CAU also donated medical equipment to the Quang Ngai Pediatric Hospital.  The donated equipment included: two autoclaves; two warmers; two bag welding machines and one SPO2 meter.  The total value of the donated equipment was 1,300,000,000 VND. Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuyen, Director of Quang Ngai Pediatric Hospital said, "Doosan Vina and Chung Ang University Hospital have been supporting the health sector of Quang Ngai Province for the last 10 years and have contributed greatly to the development of medical treatment in the province. I certainly appreciate the spirit and efforts of Doosan Vina and CAU in carrying out these Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in Quang Ngai which incidentally, not only involve the health sector but also many other areas such as education and housing, thank you for your concern and assistance.”

The ten year totals for Doosan and CAU’s healthcare commitment to the region has now reached 1,420,884 USD. 

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