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Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry


Chapter I

Name, principle and purpose


Article 1: The full name of Association is Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry. The abbreviated name is Mechanical Association and in English is: Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry, and it is abbreviated: VAMI.

Article 2: The Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry is a volunteering and non-governmental organization of the enterprise having legal status of all the economic sectors operating on the mechanical field of Vietnam territory.

Article 3: Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry operates under the Law of Vietnam State with its legal, own seal, local and foreign currency accounts in bank and it has it own property and capital.

The head office of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry is in hanoi and it can establish it own representative office in areas under regulation of the Law.


Chapter II

Duty of the association


Article 4: Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry has the following duties and authorities:

1. The Association organize, unite and gather all the economic sectors to support each other in manufacturing and doing businesses and services to unify the Willingness and action of implementing the Party and State,s purposes and policies about promotion and development the mechanical industry and pushing up industrialization and modernization.

2. The Association always cooperates with the Association of Vietnam Mechanical Technology and Science to take part in advising the State about development strategy, long-term scheme plane, guideline, and policy, encouraging measures to develop industry. Also, the Association cooperates to protect the local market and apply the state of art industry of Vietnam mechanical industry. Moreover, it also exchanges with the State organization about the relevant issues of development of the mechanical industry.

3. Cooperating to organeze activities in cooperating manufacture and associating economy, technology, science and industry between producing, studying and local and foreign training with members to promote development effectively of the Vietnam mechanical industry suitable with strategy supposed by the State.

4. As a clue to grade up professionalzing and organizing into cooperatives between members, exchanging information, business experiences, purchasing and selling products in order to exploit effectively the member,s potential to contribute to improve effectiveness and quality of manufacturing projects and industrial investment projects through the country.

5. Correlating and cooperating with international organization running the same fields over the world-under the Laws regulation; encouraging and creating good condition to meet and exchange between members and collaborate with international mechanical industrial organizations.

6. Organizing and supplying information, advising in the fields relating to mechanical industry, supporting for members of the Association to take part in conferences, workshops, fairs, exhibitions, training, education, excursion, surveying the local and foreign markets.

7. In the limits and allowed capacity to contribute its opinions, advise to help members solve with difficulties and impediments, and moderate conflicts in manufacturing and doing business.

Chapter III



Article 5: Enterprises, economic units, research and training organizations, services operating in the mechanical field agreeing regulations of the Association and writing applications spontaneously to take part in the Association all can become member of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry.

Article 6: Members of the Association

The official members include mechanical enterprises of the different economic sectors having juridical personality, economic units, research and training organizations, services operating in the mechanical field agreeing regulations of the Association and writing applications spontaneously to take part in the Association and contributing fees will usualy recognized by the Association.

The associating members are enterprises, businessmen, individuals not taking part in as an official member that can create good contribution to help the Association or want to associate with or agree the regulations of the Association and writing applications spontaneously will be recognized by the Assotiation.

The associating members will not  allowed to take part in as a candidate to be elected into the Leading Board of the Association and not to be voted the Association issues.

Article 7: Responsibility of the Members

1. Fully comply regulations, administrative systems, solutions and operating programs of the Association.

2. Contribute the fees participation, the annual fees and contribute fund for the Association suitable with regulations that were passed by the Association,n executive Board.

3. Obey completely report and information regime if they are required.
Article 8: The rights of the Members

1. Have right to receive the technical and economic information, take part in workshops, excursions, and training about professional skills of management held by the Association or by cooperation.

2. Participate to run for election, voting into the position of theLeading Board of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry ( except for associating members).

3. To be praised about manufacturing and doing business achievements and his/her contribution to build the Association. At the same time, he/she can remove uot of the Association if there is a application submitted before 3 months to the Association Council and pay completely the fees of the final year.

4. To be protected his/her interests legally and properly in doing business and the Association will introduce to partners to disscuss and sign contract, creating good condition to promote doing business ability, cooperating with the local and foreign units.

5. Propose opinions, request the Association to represent his/her enterprise to ask the State orgnization about the relevant policiescreating good condition for manufacturing and doing business activities and ensuring the members, interests.

Chapter IV

the organization of the association

Article 9: The organization of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industrial includes:

- The Mass Festival

- The Council of the Association, the Standing Board and The Association Office.

- The Inspecting Board.

- The Professional Boards.

- The branches of the Association

Artical 10: The highest leading organization of the Association is the mass member, leld 5 years per time. This conference may be held once time per year. In the special situation, when it is requested  by the president or two third of the member request, the council of the Association may hold a unusual meeting.

Article 11: The mass conference will have the following duties:

1. Issuing the tern reports about the activities of the Association and the Council is the leading board of the Association between two terms.

2. Deciding orientation, operation program of the association in next legislature.

3. Considering and approving the financial statement of the association.

4. Decision on amendment and revision to the charter of the association.

5. Decision on number of the member of the council and Inspection Committee. Voting the council and inspection commettee and solving other urgent problems of the association.

Article 12: The congress decides according to the majority principle. For important issues such as revision, amendment, charter, dissolving of the association, voting the council, inspection committee, resolutions of the congress must be approved by two third of the delegates to be satisfied.

Article 13: In mid time of 2 congresses, the highest agency of the association is the Association Council, members of the council who are originally legal competent personnel and representatives of the member organization.

In mid time of 2 congresses, if it is necessary to make amendment and revision, modification to number of the council,s member, it is also necessary to gain two third of the council,s members, approval.

Article 14: The association,s council will convene every 6 months. When at least a half of the member make request, the council may convene unusual meeting.

Tasks of the association council are:

1. Voting positions of the leadership of the association: chairman, vice chairman, general secretary, head of inspection committee.

2. Constructing, promulgating regulations and rules on work of the council and association and organizations belonging to the association.

3. Making decision on all operations of the association as per the resolution of the congress.

4. Considering the admission and dismiss ion of members.

5. Building and instructing the implementation of the operation programs, regulating level of membership fee in application for admission and the annual fee level to raise fund for the association.

6. Making decision on convene the Congress and plenary Congress, approving the most necessary issues in relation to the association.

Article 15: The permanent committee of the council, chairman and vice chairmen, general secretary.

In mid time of 2 council,s meeting, the standing committee shall be responsible for representing for the association and council to keep the internal and external relation, implementing resolutions of the plenary meetings and instructing, inspecting al operations of organizations belonging to the association.

The permanent committee will periodically every 6 month organize a meeting, but an unusual meeting may be convened if necessary.

Article 16: Chairman of the association shall be responsible for and having rights as follows:

1. Officially representing for the association before the law.

2. Organizing the implementation of all resolutions of the congress 3. Instructing, preparing content, convening and chairing all meetings of the council and the permanent committee.

3. Instructing, preparing content, convening and chairing all meetings of the council and the permanent committee.

4. Leading organizations dependent to the association, implementing the functions assigned by the association.

5. Decision on establishing or dissolving organizations of the association according to regulations of the law. To nominate and dismiss titles of the leadership of the dependent organizations.

Article 17: Vice Chairmen will assist the Chairman to lead each area of the work of the association, responsibilities and rights within the mandatory works. In case of the absence of the chairman, a vice chairman will be nominated to implement the mandatory works of the chairman.

Article 18: General secretary will represent for the standing committee and being authorized by the chairman to manage all works of the association in all meetings, being responsible for organizing and managing daily works of the expertise committees, office of the association. Preparing contents for meetings of the associations, managing the property and finance of the association.

Article 19: According to requirement for the development in all operation of the association, the association will make decision on number of the profession committees of the association:

- Standing office.

- Inspection committee.

- Policy and extermal affair committee.

- Communication and market committee.

- Technology science and production cooperative committee.

- Center for consulting and investing mechanical.

- Center for training the management personnel and improving the skill.

Establishment of agencies dependent on the association having legal status must be implemented in accordance with legal regulations.

Heads of the above-mentioned agencies are members of the council nominated by the chairman and the approved by the standing committee.

Functions, responsibilities, organization, program, plan, condition, mean and operation regime of the specialist committees shall be regulated by the associations council at the request of the chief of committee and the general secretary.


Chapter 5

Finance of the Association


Article 20: Fiscal year of the association commences on January 1st and completes on December 31st every year. Financial statement of the association shall be approved.

Article 21: Financial activities of the association shall be regulated by the association, in large principals, and the associations council will appoint the annual rates of the revenue and expenditure, securing to self cover all items in accordance with regulations of the association and existing financial management regulations of the state.

Article 22: Revenues sources of the association.

1. Membership fee includes fee for application for the associations membership, which is 1 million VND/time and the annual fee of the membership will be divided into 3 levels: corporation will be 2 million VND/year, independent enterprise will be 1 million per year, small scale enterprise will be 500.000VND/year.

2. Support fees of the organizations and individuals both at home and abroad will be implemented according to the law.

3. Moneys collected from researching activities, services of all organizations belonging to the association.

4. Allowances of the state (if any)

During time of organizing activities, the association will set up the fee sources contributed by the dependent agencies to support the followings:

+ Scientific research.

+ Applying innovations of high quality mechanical products.

+ Organizing prizes awarded in mechanical product competitions.

+ Supporting enterprises facing difficulty due to natural calamity, fire and other risks.

Article 23:

All regular revenues and expenditures from fund of the association shall be instructed to implement. The office will prepare the specific estimates, and submitting the report to the standing committee for approving and implementation. For big and unusual expenditures of the association, they must be approved by the permanent council or the plenary meeting before the implementation.


Chapter 6

Rewards and discipline


Article 24: Members having the outstanding achievement in the production, researching, applying the mechanical technology or in the association works will be rewarded by the association or the state organizations at request by the association.

Article 25: Members of the association, members of the executive committee, the parmanent committee, inspection committee of the association make actions that are contrast to the resolution and the charter of the association, causing injury to honour, and prestige of the association, absence in a lot of regular activities for many time without persuasive reasons, not paying the annual membership fee, then according to level of severity of the violations to adopt punishment such as education, criticizing, blaming and dismissing out of the association, or making request to the state agencies to solve the violations according to the law.


Chapter 7

Amending the chapter and dissolving the association


Article 26: Only the plenary meeting of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry will have right to make amendment and revision to the charter of the association. Revision or amendment to the charter must be approved by two third of the delegates to become effective.

Article 27: The association only suspends or dissolves the operation in cases as follows:

The plenary meeting of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry makes decision on sucpending or dissolving the operation.

Organization issuing license to establish the association makes decision on stop the operation.

All procedures relating to the dissolving must be implemented in accordance with the states regulations.

Article 28: The charter of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry including 7 charters, 28 articles was approved by the 1st Plenary meeting of the nationwide delegate congress held in Hanoi on November 17th 2002 and it has became effective since date being approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


                                                           Vietnam  association

                                                             of Mechanical industry

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